Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth problems can cause pain, swelling and difficulty in opening your mouth. The experienced dental surgeons at Perth Wisdom Teeth Centre are experts in wisdom teeth removal and can evaluate and remove wisdom teeth under sedation, in a safe, convenient and affordable manner. They can extract your wisdom teeth before they even start to cause problems.

The size, shape, position and number of wisdom teeth vary in different people. Wisdom teeth can be the cause of pain in many different ways including:

  • decay or tooth rot
  • swellings and gum infections
  • dental cysts and,
  • abscesses

Wisdom teeth can also cause damage to the teeth in front through pressure, resorption and decay. Where there is not enough room for the wisdom teeth to erupt properly, they may grow sideways (impacted) and may even cause crowding of your other teeth.

Most people end up requiring removal of their wisdom teeth for the above reasons.

Large gum and facial swellings may require immediate removal of the wisdom teeth, drainage of the abscess or in the case of minor swelling, a course of immediate antibiotics and organizing sedation for the removal of wisdom teeth following the assessment.

Dr Wesley Huupponen BDSc(WA) (Hons) has extracted thousands of wisdom teeth for his patients for more than 10 years. Graduating from the University of Western Australia in 2001, Dr Huupponen receives regular referrals from other dentists and patients for the removal of wisdom teeth. In addition, he continues to provide wisdom teeth removal for patients at Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital. His knowledge and experience in wisdom teeth removal have already helped thousands of patients with wisdom teeth pain.

If you have experienced any pain, bleeding or swelling in the wisdom teeth area, it is best to have your wisdom teeth checked at Perth Wisdom Teeth Centre with our experienced dental surgeons as soon as possible.


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