For many people, having their wisdom teeth removed can cause stress and anxiety.  Sedation or sleep dentistry helps patients relax and comfortably experience pain-free and stress-free wisdom teeth removal.

Perth Wisdom Teeth Centre work together with several experienced dental sedationists and medical anaesthetists who are registered with the Australian Health Practioners Regulatory Authority.  Twilight sedation (sleep dentistry) is a convenient  and cost effective way for our patients to ensure a simple, safe and pain-free experience, and not remember a thing afterwards!

Wisdom teeth removal can be simple, safe and pain-free.  The dental surgeons at Perth Wisdom Teeth Centre can recommend the sedation option that is right for you.



Twilight sedation is an alternative to general anaesthesia which has less side effects, a quicker recovery, reduced risk of complications and is also less expensive.

Twilight anesthesia is an anaesthetic technique that uses mild doses of drugs to block pain, reduce anxiety and put patients into a deep sleep so that patients feel comfortable during surgery and have no recollection or memory of any part of the surgery afterwards.  It is conveniently done at the surgery with an experienced and qualified Dental Sedationist.

In addition to removal of wisdom teeth, his type of sedation is often used for things like setting broken bones, LASIK eye surgery and minor cosmetic surgeries.

The main difference between GA and twilight sedation is the degree of consciousness of the patient.  A general anaesthesia will render the patient completely unconscious with total loss of control of reflexes and autonomic nervous system and may require breathing/ventilation by machine.



Twilight sedation can be carefully controlled so that the sedation time lasts only as long as needed for the removal of the wisdom teeth.  This could be as short as 15 minutes and as long as 60 minutes.

Recovery is usually quick and there are less side effects compared to general anaesthesia.

Patients are required to have a responsible adult to take them home following the procedure.



Twilight sedation is a common procedure and is used by most of our patients for the safe and comfortable removal of their wisdom teeth.

Your medical history is taken by completing a form and a short phone call which is then carefully reviewed by our Dental Sedationist and assessed for suitability for twilight sedation.

Should you have any concerns about sedation, please do not hesitate to ask the dental surgeon or our dental sedationists.

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