Dr Wesley Huupponen BDSc (WA) (Hons)

Dr Wesley graduated with Honours in Dentistry from the University of WA in 2002.  Dr Wesley has extracted thousands of wisdom teeth for his patients for over 12 years.  He receives regular referrals from other dentists and patients for difficult tooth extractions and the removal of wisdom teeth.  His knowledge, skill and experience in wisdom teeth removal have already helped thousands of patients with wisdom teeth pain.

He is experienced, gentle and friendly, putting you at ease for your dental treatment.  He works together with many experienced dental sedationists and medical anaesthetists to make your wisdom teeth removal safe, easy and as comfortable as possible every step of the way through sleep dentistry.

Dr Wesley had his own dental surgery in rural Kalgoorlie for over 8 years before relocating back to Perth.  Much of this time in Kalgoorlie was spent removing thousands of wisdom teeth under sedation at Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital and at Kalgoorlie Dental Surgery.  This sort of experience can only be possible with time, dedication, skill and a passion for helping those patients with wisdom teeth pain.

Dr Wesley is a member of good standing with the Australian Dental Association (ADA) and operates from Perth Wisdom Teeth Centre (Twilight sedation/Sleep Dentistry) and Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital (GA).

(08) 9222 5900